Smoking is 95% more harmful than vaping that's why 2.6 million UK smokers
have switched to vaping!

About Us

Our aims are:

1. To create awareness and educate smokers on how hazardous smoking can be
2. To guide and assist directly and indirectly to help smokers quit by vaping

We believe no smoker is truly happy smoking cigarettes, apart from the obvious detrimental effects on your health there is the expense of tobacco plus the anti-social aspects, the residual smell on your breath and clothes.

Let’s face it smoking is pretty disgusting!

However, as ex-smokers we completely understand how difficult it is to quit, but with a minimal amount of will power using our quit kit, we are 100% confident you can quit smoking forever.

So why is vaping better than other methods, nicotine patches, gum, mouth sprays, lozenges and tablets?

  • Firstly you have something physical in your hand, this is important as you are used to having a cigarette in your hand
  • Secondly,  you inhale exactly as you would a cigarette, you get exactly the same sensation as you would smoking a cigarette and when you exhale there is also the same sensation as well as a vapour
  • Finally, as the vaping liquid contains nicotine you feel satisfied as if you've had a cigarette 

Purity e-liquids

Purity is an American-made e-liquid designed and sold exclusively in the UK. Since 2009 the Purity tobacco, menthol, dessert and fruit flavoured e-liquids have been sold across the world. All the e-liquids are blended by trained chemists in a clean-room environment and all Purity e-liquids are Diacetyl and Acetyl Propionyl-free.

Our purity e-liquids are available in various strengths of nicotine we recommend if you smoke approximately 10 to 20 cigarettes a day you start with 12 mg you can then work your way down to 6 mg then 3 mg and ultimately 0 mg of nicotine at that point you may find you no longer need to vape or you may just enjoy the vaping experience with zero nicotine everybody is different  it's really down to you  and what works best for you we are always on hand to give you advice if you have any questions.

Aspire K3

Our Aspire K3 is a high-quality vaping system incorporating a rechargeable battery and refillable tank, the ultimate market leading vaping kit for quitting smoking.





Our Aspire K3 Quick Start Kit comprises of an Aspire vape pen and any 3 liquids. Price: £59.95

See below for details on how to order your vape kit and e-liquids

How to purchase your vaping kit

1. Choose your vape pen in either black or pink
2. Choose three flavours of liquid using the flavour profile list below
3. Call us or email and we will deliver free to your home or workplace and demonstrate the equipment, answering any questions you may have

It's as simple as that!

* When you need more liquid call us or email and we will deliver free to your home or workplace. Liquids are priced at £18 for a box of 3 x 10 ml bottles.

We accept all major credit and debit cards

e-liquids available



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You can contact one of our team on 01372 897005.
If you need any information or advice we offer a free telephone consultation service. Alternatively, we can come to your home and we also offer group sessions in your workplace